Committing to yourself,  to your wellbeing, your mental, emotional and physical health, committing to your goals and to the things and people that matter to you and make you happy in your life, is an act of self-love.

Showing up for yourself daily for these things is an act of self-love.

Accepting yourself as you are here and now is an act of self-love.

Being present and listening to your own needs now is an act of self-love.


How do you commit, show up, accept and listen to yourself? How much do you matter to you? How different is your capacity to be there and hold space for others once your cup is full? What else do you notice about the quality of your life, when you practice self-love, self-care and self-compassion?

We may find it difficult to engage in such a way of being with ourselves, especially if this was not the way we were parented. We may have grown up with more of a capacity to self-neglect, self-judge, always push ourselves harder, ignoring our needs, putting others first and ourselves last in order to get the elusive love and recognition we may have craved for as children.


The good news is that this behaviour, or way of relating to ourselves, is learned and conditioned, which means we can learn and condition a new way of being and relating to ourselves; this is neuroplasticity, and is called re-parenting. And I suggest you try self-love ……. You’ll be amazed with the results, the changes in the way you feel, in your capacity to get the things you want done, the changes in your relationships and in how you feel overall!

If self-love feels like a bit of an elusive and unattainable concept, you can learn to engage in the practice of self-love, and change the way you relate to yourself, reparent yourself and watch your life shift and grow with me, Anne-Fabienne @AFCoaching. Book a free discovery call to discover more, by clicking on the button below! Let your self-discovery journey unfold ….




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Committing to yourself, to your wellbeing, your mental, emotional and physical health...

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