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Expand your potential with meditation, breathwork, and mindful Hatha, Bikram, Ashtanga and Restorative Yin asanas.



Define your personal, work or relationship objectives and work with me to acquire the tools to acquire them, and address your obstacles.



Heal your past conditioning, live in the present the life of your choice, build the future you want using NLP, EFT, Hypnosis and Mindfulness

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Well-being is at the centre of the quality of our everyday lived experience, from how we feel waking up, through to how we experience our daily life and relationships until night time, all the way through the night and into the next morning. Our overall well-being also determines the quality of our resilience through trying times. So it is the quality of our well-being that determines our happiness, our capacity to achieve our goals in life, and with this, our access to feeling fulfilment.



It is your well-being that matters most to me, which is why it is situated at the heart of all my work. Whether you feel you want to improve your physical, emotional, mental, relational, spiritual well-being or any combination of these, the practices I use are tailored to help you do just that. Which areas in your life would you like to improve your well-being in?  Be brave, adventurous, and creative, think as large as you want!  The world is your oyster in terms of your well-being potential!



AFCoaching is founded on the approach I applied to heal from falling ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in April 2019 age 43; heal my attachment trauma; and train as a Therapeutic Coach. Its principles are the bedrock upon which my wellbeing stands firm today.

I was a Classical Ballet teacher for 15 yrs (Paris, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai), and later a b2b Conferences Manager across Europe, the US, Middle East and East Asia, for 7 yrs. I discovered Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation in 2004, and have never looked back. I love my work and am passionate about helping others find their answers.

The Greatest

Secret to happiness is to be at ease in yourself.

Bernard Fontenelle




Yoga means to yoke to unify, bring together, to make whole. And this is precisely what we are doing when we practise; we are reuniting body, mind and spirit, integrating our felt physical sense with our feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Life Coaching

‘The first and most important person you must believe in is yourself.’ I work using Life Coaching to help you identify your life goals - professional, relational or personal


hypnosis allows the conscious mind to communicate with the unconscious to implement new suggestions, and ways of being. Nothing I apply hypnotically lies outside what you want or outside your conscious control.

Mindfulness and self-awareness

I teach mindfulness-based meditation, focusing on the breath and body to cultivate presence and self-awareness, a skill we draw upon extensively in the self-development work I offer.


I work using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), which is based on the principles of neuroplasticity, to help you, via self-awareness, identify any limiting beliefs or unhelpful mental patterns that might be holding you back.

EFT Tapping

EFT is a body-centred energy therapy based on 8 basic acupuncture points which cross the energy meridians. It works by unblocking stuckness in the energy meridians that cause physical pain or emotional distress.


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